Tuesday, After Christmas (2011) – Radu Muntean

Sad and quiet Romanian drama about a marriage torn apart by an affair. It refrains from theatrics or really going for no effect at all and simply shows the reasonable yet terrible consequences of a married man sleeping with his daughter’s dentist. It takes the time to let the audience get to know everyone and shows us plenty of scenes that are strictly unnecessary to the plot but collect interest on the emotional toll in the end. I don’t even recall hearing a score. It makes for a raw and personal movie. It reminded me of A Separation, which is getting a lot more attention than Tuesday, After Christmas, and is frankly the finer film but both welcome us into the real lives of people in important circumstances and allow us to make connections and realizations along with or a few steps ahead of the characters. I like movies like Tuesday, After Christmas, quiet tales of real life, a thread of film making that it includes great films from Blue Valentine to Terms of Endearment to Hannah and Her Sisters. It’s not at the level of those movies but it’s very good.

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