Trust (2011) – David Schwimmer

The ads for Gossip Girl during it’s first season promised the teen soap opera was a “parent’s worst nightmare.” No, Trust is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s a big brother’s worst nightmare. I have a teenaged sister and if what happened to Annie, the teenage victim on an online-predator, happened to my sister, I’d go Clive Owen on that person.

I must be honest that I had a miserable, violent, physical reaction to this movie. It upset me. More than any movie I’ve seen in a long time. Being objective I can say that this film is nowhere near perfect and that it gives up on some of the more interesting themes it raises and I personally would have reversed the screen time given to Clive Owen’s revenge-obsessed Dad for the therapy sessions Annie has with Viola Davis, but I’m a sucker for therapy scenes. Trust made me feel something, but it’s world-view is so bleak, it’s so in-your-face with it’s this-could-happen-to-your-kid agenda that it’s almost comical (not that we would find any humor in Trust, none at all). I know this is a serious subject and needs to be treated thusly, but do we really need an epilogue that reveals that the predator is a family man, a grade school teacher? Give us a break, Schwimmer.

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