The Trip (2011) – Michael Winterbottom

I enjoy impressions. Therefore, I enjoyed The Trip, which is an hour and forty minutes of two very funny dorks exchanging silly voices and aping celebrities as they tour the north of England eating at various restaurants. The movie follows Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan (as themselves), on assignment for a food magazine, reviewing eateries. It’s told like a documentary by director Michael Winterbottom and I’d be shocked to find out that there was a script for The Trip  that included dialogue and not just suggestions for set-ups that allow these two wonderful comics go at it. There’s very little else to it and I can certainly see how this would seem interminable to some, but I enjoyed it, if marginally. Both Coogan and Brydon are more than willing to make themselves look awful, especially Coogan who comes off as jealous and vain, petty and immature. Brydon, on the other hand, seems like a grating fool as he rifles through Michael Caine, Hugh Grant, Woody Allen and Sean Connery. His Pacino is terrible. It adds up to a road trip from hell punctuated with very funny dreams and nightmares that Coogan has that don’t seem all that different from the aimless journey he’s actually on.

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