The People vs. George Lucas (2010) – Alexandre O. Philippe

If you were to make a list of the greatest documentaries ever made, a large percentage, maybe 50%, would be about obsession. Documentaries are given to this subject because it’s something subjects want to talk about and the way people talk about their obsessions are fascinating to audiences. Here is a movie about Star Wars obsessives and the result suggested by the film’s title is unresolved, the way it should be. I have a feeling that the filmmaker, Alexandre O. Philippe, might have started the project as a way to bash Lucas but the film is very fair, going to bat even for the much-maligned Jar Jar Binks. Through interviews with fans, filmmakers, critics and people who re-edit or create their own Star Wars films, it creates a tableau of differing opinions that range from some that claim that “George Lucas raped” their childhood to a much more sensible opinion that they “asked for new Star Wars films, not new good Star Wars films.” Rich and never boring, The People vs. George Lucas makes you the judge.

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