The Mill and The Cross (2011) – Lech Majewski

How to describe this most remarkable movie? If most movies are defined as moving pictures, this is a moving painting. When I walked out of Malick’s The Tree of Life I was convinced I had seen the best camera work of the year, after seeing Lech Majewski’s and Adam Sikora’s beautiful work in The Mill and the Cross, directed and co-written by Majewski, I’m not so sure. This movie, which shows the inspiration and creation of Bruegel’s “The Road to Calvary,” narrated and guided by Bruegel himself (Rutger Hauer) is one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen on the creative process, in the conversation with Rivette’s La Belle Noissuese, which this film resembles in its beauty and certainly it’s tactile use of sound and silence. The Mill and the Cross’s scope is wider however, asking questions about human nature and its proclivity to cruelty.

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