Tabloid (2011) – Errol Morris

Joyce KcKinney is Errol Morris’s kind of girl. Anyone who can generate a question like “You know what a fat suit is, like from Norbit?” or say, a statement like “But I know what it was, it was Spirit Booger” or “I don’t see the connection between cloning puppies and a 32-year-old sex-in-chains story,” is simply waiting for Morris’s camera.Here is her bizarre story, which, depending on the version, is about rescuing true love from religious cultism or is about obsession and strange sex, bondage and kidnapping. Morris, as always, doesn’t take sides and simply lets the odd parties to this strange happening plead their case, nearly convincing you until a new piece of evidence comes to light and blows it out of the water. Few movies, let alone documentaries, are as good as Morris’s debut, Gates of Heaven, but here is a strong case for second place, and for a director who has been documenting obsessives for 35 years, that’s pretty impressive.

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