One Year Blogoversary

Today, a year ago, I launched this site. Why, exactly, we chose April 15, the day Lincoln was shot, the Titanic was sunk and your taxes are due, to foist this little corner of the internet upon the world is beyond me but that’s what we did and now we’ve done it for a year. In that time I’ve written 334 posts, including this one for an average of just under one post a day. I’m not the most popular site on web but at least one person has visited me every day of the site’s existence (and it’s not just my mother) and now I can count on a meager, but satisfying, minimum every day, even on days I don’t post anything. My most popular entry has been my 2012 Top Ten List and my most popular review has been for, surprisingly, a 30 year old documentary about a retirement home for opera singers called Tosca’s KissI believe mine is one of only a few reviews for the movie that exist online so I’ve built a little monopoly for myself for people looking for criticism on the film (my analytics show me that some variation of the words “Tosca’s Kiss movie review” are among the top searches that bring people to my site).

It’s fun to have readers and to have popular posts but, let’s just be clear, I’m no one’s idea of Perez Hilton (the same analytics tell me that about 50 of my reviews have been read by no one). I’m more than fine with this because this site started as a place to simply house some movie writing I had already been doing for myself and I still use it in that same spirit, a personal journal about the movies I watch. It is, however, impossible to divorce the fact that my writing is potentially public from the subject my writing will be about. I watch about the same amount of movies I did before I had a website, I just typically watch more bad and average movies because I have to make a choice between seeing the latest blockbuster superhero flick that I’m not interested in and that silent movie I want to watch that no one else is interested in. I’m still going to use this site as a personal movie journal but I’d like to use this post as a call to action for my readers. I’ve appreciated every comment I’ve received (even the gentlemen who displayed displeasure with my Ted review by diagnosing me as “…just another Family Guy hater who can’t loosen up and laugh”) and I’d love to have a more active dialogue with the people who actually read me.

In the year I’ve had this site, readers have suggested what movies I should watch and review next, I’ve even read a Janet Evonavich book because of a reader, and I’d like to open the doors for suggestions on a series. In the past, I’ve written about each of the Harry Potter movies and I’m about to post my thoughts on each of the James Bond films but there are plenty that I haven’t gotten around to. What do you think? What should I watch next? Where would you like the site to go? Which of your favorite movies would you like to disagree with me about? This is the worst time of year for movie fans, there’s nothing good in the theaters and (depending on your outlook) we’ll get nothing but schlock for about five months. I’m not going to let the box office dictate what’s on this site, nor will I let my tastes fully drive that direction. I’m asking you. I’ve spent a year telling you what you should watch, now I want you to tell me. Please leave a comment or email me at to let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see on the site. I can’t promise I’ll take you up on every suggestion, but I promise I’ll give each one consideration and provide you a reason if I don’t. Thanks for reading. Now have some cake.

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  1. I think you should re watch Ghost.

  2. …and Happy Birthday to you,

  3. Congrats!

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