May 7

Once again, we find ourselves staring at today. Today is the day that New Orleans, perhaps the greatest place in existence, was founded. In 1789, an Amendment to the US Constitution was submitted to the states for ratification. 1789. That Amendment, banning Congress from giving themselves a raise in the middle of a term term, was ratified today in 1992. 1992. I know it’s hard to get things done in a democracy but taking 203 years to pass a damned Amendment seems slightly excessive. Here’s a list of the things that happened between the time the Amendment was proposed and the time it was ratified:

Today, in 1915, Japan gave China an ultimatum, threatening invasion if they didn’t do what they wanted, an ultimatum which was accepted by the Chinese government. This day has been marked as the National Day of Humiliation in China, which comes right in the middle of what has been deemed the National Century of Humiliation, which lasted from 1839 when the First Opium War saw the West encroach on China’s sovereignty, and 1949, when Communism was introduced to the country, which has been a real world-wide source of pride for them and not humiliating at all. If a 110 years of humiliation seems terrible, just remember, its only half the time it takes for Congress to pass an Amendment. 

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest of all composers who had the rare ability to contribute both symphonic pieces like brilliant concertos and symphonies and dramatic pieces like wonderful ballets and operas, was born today. 

Gary Cooper, great American actor, was born today as was Eva Perón, for whom entire countries weep. Great soul singer Thelma Houston is celebrating a birthday. Eagle-Eye Cherry, who is a man and not a band which is blowing my mind right now, was born today. That is his actual name. Save tonight for him. 

Seattle Slew, the only horse to win the Triple Crown while undefeated, died today. 

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