May 28

The second you think it’s not going to be today BAM, there it is. Today is the day that President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, probably the most law with the most tone-deaf name of all time. The Act required Native Americans to relocate to reservations west of the Mississippi, leading to the Trail of Tears, the drastic decrease in population among Native American tribes and Jackson being on the $20 bill. Funny how that works. Today in 1932 in the Netherlands, construction of the Afsluitdijk was completed and the Zuiderzee bay was converted to the freshwater IJsselmeer. I have no idea what that means but you have to respect a country that has a language based on the time when your cat walks across your keyboard. 

Jim Thorpe, who many consider the greatest athlete of all time for his ability to play professional football, basketball and baseball, was born today. Ian Fleming, an author who once met a birdwatcher named James Bond and wrote a series of spy novels inspired by the name, was born today. Betty Shabazz, wife of Malcolm X, was born today as was Jerry West, the wonderful Gladys Knight and Jean-Pierre Leaud, one of the great French actors. 

Phil Hartman died today.

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