May 27

Try not to get too excited but it’s today. Today is the day that, in 1967, Australians voted in favor of a constitutional referendum granting the government the power to make laws to benefit the Aborigines and to include them in the census. It’s fairly arrogant of the descendants of degenerate criminals to uniformly exclude the indigenous people of their pitiful death island from being counted as citizens for more than 200 years. Today was the third day of a 4-day stand-off between a man, the police and gravity. A murder suspect in Florida decided to avoid capture by hanging out on the horizontal arm of a 18-story crane in 2005. He stood there for 4 days while the police tried to talk him down, eventually acquiescing after they offered him food and water (but actually gave him a good tasering instead). It was the weirdest stunt in David Blaine’s career. 

Christopher Lee, the wonderful English actor who has played a villain in just about each of your favorite movies, was born today. Siouxsie Sioux, punk goddess, was born today. Andre 3000 was born today. 

Gil Scott-Heron died today. 

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