May 23

And without fail; today. Today in Vienna in 1829, the patent for the accordion was granted. One of the greatest tragedies in musical history is that Mozart, who died in 1791, never had the chance to compose for this majestic instrument. Sure, Mozart gets a little bit of love for what he did compose but he could have been the polka king of all Europe and now…no. You can make fun of the accordion all you want but unless your wikipedia page has a chapter titled “Use in heavy metal music” you can back off. Today in 2006 Alaskan volcano Mount Cleveland erupted, causing the obvious headline of “Cleveland Steamer” which the Anchorage Daily News foolishly ignored. 

It’s Labour Day in Jamaica which, in a country that is founded on the principle of  taking it easy, seems a little pointless. It’s World Turtle Day which is like Christmas for some people. 

Not a huge day for birthdays, unless you are Jewel or somebody named Scott Raynor who used to be the drummer for blink-182. But that’s understandable, nobody wants to share a birthday with World Turtle Day.

Bonnie and Clyde died today, in slow motion. Sterling Hayden, one of the all-time great actors, died today. 

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