Cosi (1996) – Mark Joffe

Cute enough but fairly slight, this comedy shows a failing theater director hired by a mental institution to put together a distraction of a variety show but he is convinced by one of the crazies to mount Mozart’s Così Fan Tutte instead. None of the patients can sing or act and we get the tired, old, bad audition montage and it’s fairly easy to predict where each characters story is going to go (for example, what do you think will happen between the director and the pretty girl who’s not all that crazy?). There’s also a forced danger plot (the director of the hospital doesn’t want them doing an opera for some reason) and a homelife for the director that’s undercooked. Admirable energy is given to the movie by Barry Otto as the leader of the nuts and there might be some special interest for opera fans (though there’s not enough of Mozart’s music for my taste) but otherwise, a perfectly acceptable 100 minute time waster but not much more.

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