Beginners (2011) – Mike Mills

Mike Mills’ Beginners is a delight and¬†precisely¬†what 2009’s (500) Days of Summer should have been. Quirky and funny without being cutesy, it can tell it’s tale of love with humor without making you want to puke. Ewan MacGregor plays a man who’s father has died and a man who’s father is dying as the movie skips around over a timeline that also includes his interaction with his mother as a little boy. After the death of his mother, the father (a terrific Christopher Plummer) comes out to his son, something he’s known his entire life. As the father whole-heartedly jumps into his new romantic situation, MacGregor’s character reluctantly jumps into his but Anna (Melanie Laurent) is just too adorable to be denied. A very good picture (with a dog that speaks in subtitles).

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