13 Assassins (2011) – Takashi Miike

This very good samurai film that begs comparison with Seven Samurai reminded me of another movie; Home Alone. That isn’t an insult. In both movies the entire film leads up to it’s final, boobie-trap finale that doesn’t disappoint. There’s a little more blood in 13 Assassins but just like in Home Alone the finale and it’s ingenious ploys have a logic and are a sick kind of fun. In fact, all of 13 Assassins is fun. Gory, silly, fun. Seven Samurai is the most obvious comparison and it does earn that right but this movie isn’t interested in saying anything, it’s not making a comment about the end of the age of samurai where the film takes place, it doesn’t even really have a lot to say about violence. It is a movie about an over-the-top evil incarnate villain and the rag-tag warriors that go up against him. It’s a kid’s movie for adults (seriously, don’t let your kids watch it). And that’s ok, some of the best movies are that way.

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